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Can you say with confidence that you know what your customers expect from you?
Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me, what do my customers want?

Stay on top of the market – Know what your customers want

Consumers today have a power that gives them the upper hand and that’s the power of research So instead of speaking with one of your sales rep, they can easily check online and make decisions based on their interests.

To thrive in such a time as this, you also need some kind of power and that’s market research. With market research, you can understand what your customers are looking for and how to position your offerings for uttermost appeal.

What is market research ?

Market research is the process of gathering information about your customers, target audiences and buyers’ personas. It gives you a clear picture before launching a new product or service and the nature of the market – what prices you should choose, the most appropriate distribution channels for your business and so on.

If you want to:

  • Start a new business
  • Launch a new product
  • Enter a new market
  • Gain consumer insight
  • Understand your competition
  • Increase ROI on your marketing spend
  • Know the next thing to do

Then market research is something you want to pay close attention to.

Who is this service for?


Small and Medium Enterprices

SMEs operate on a definitive and region-focused model. We leverage this established model to craft research that identifies loopholes and give a more market-inclined strategy for growth.


Big Corporations

Either when introducing a new product/service or iterating on ways to further retain customers, corporations need to understand the preference of their market. We focus on ensuring you strengthen your position while being informed about potential threats and opportunities.



The dream of every start-up is to take its idea to the next level. Doing this is impossible without establishing the availability of the market for the solution to be created. We deploy our various research techniques to make the next step realisable.


Individuals intending to start a business

The easiest way for a business to fail is lacking in-depth research into the need it hopes to meet. We take time to ensure individuals who are about starting a venture understands the intricacies of the proposed business, as well as their real audience.

Know this •

The early years of products, brands or companies are quite uncertain owing to the changes in the market conditions and preferences of customers. Statistics has it that one in 12 businesses scale and less than 30% of these businesses outlive the decade.

Failure to recognise and plan with a market in mind is a primary reason for this failure. For some brands, they are product-minded and forget to recognise the need of customers. For others, they assume and delve into the market.

Do this•

Recognising your customer and their need can only be extracted from research. At Zacrac, we rely on our ability to sift through the data gotten from research to help you take charge of your market.

Our model leverages the investigation, analysis and documentation of key metrics to give swift insight to establishing the feasibility of your product, service or brand.

Our market research services are tailored to help you get ahead and make better business decisions. We boast of years of experience helping businesses and individuals understand their customers and competitors, develop product and services based on insights derived from data

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