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We combine research, data, and analytics to help brands unlock insights and identify market opportunities.

A.Olu Ogidan & Co

Zacrac turns insights into opportunities. We empower brands through research, data, and analytics.

User Research

Build your products alongside your target users. Unlock insights that align with the users.

Idea & Concept Validation

Test and validate your business idea, and reduce the odds of failure.

Product Development

Build killer products that solve real customer problems.

Competitor Research

Be alert, you've got competitors. Understand your competitors, and compete effectively

Move from guesswork to certainty

Harness the Power of Data - Move Beyond Guesses to Confident Decisions. Use Zacrac’s Market Research service to survey your audience, understand them, unlock insights, and build what they want.


We are with you for the long ride

We strive to build a lasting relationship with our clients. We focus on your picture and strive to help you leverage data for smarter decision-making. Magic happens when your insights partner "understands" your brand inside and out.

Hear what brands we’ve worked with have to say about us

ZACRAC helped us to avoid a lot of pitfalls and risks in the food business. Most importantly, we understand the purchase behaviour of the target audience, their purchasing power, and why they are eating out. We used this to shape our pricing, brand positioning, and marketing strategy. Happy we did a market research before launching.

Oluwatosin Sultan

Founder , Chicken N Tinz.

As a law firm, we understand how powerful facts and figures are. Working with ZACRAC has been phenomenal, they bring a lot of value to our organization through their data collection and analytics services. Proving our case at the Election Petition Tribunal with the data analysis and report from ZACRAC was indeed valuable to our success at trial. Pleasure working with them.

Olumide Ogidan

Principal Partner , A. Olu Ogidan & Co.

Our initial idea was to introduce eco-friendly buses (electric vehicles) but ZACRAC helped us unlock insight through their market research service. They conducted surveys and interviews with commuters and regulators in Lagos State and found out that the waterways are largely untapped. Gidi Ferry was birthed from this insight, our startup cost was considerably lower than our initial budget. Business has been good.


Founder, Gidi Ferry.

ZACRAC sat down with our customers and conducted a series of Focus Group Discussions and interviews with them to understand why they buy spices, their household dynamics, and the factors that influence their purchase decisions. We used the insight to adjust our packaging and pricing, and sales have been up since then. Good value for money, and highly recommended.

Abimbola Kafilat

Director, Bimkat Palace.

Glad we invested in conducting market research before launching, the cost outweighs the benefit. ZACRAC helped us understand our target customers, identify gaps in the market, and understand competitors in the logistics space. They are a highly experienced, and professional market research agency. Data quality was top-notch, and their methodology was straightforward yet effective.

Obiora Okpala

Co-founder, Porter Express.

We’ve worked with ZACRAC on multiple projects and their knowledge and expertise in data are admirable. ZACRAC helped us to leverage data and analytics during the development of some of our products- from data source identification to data collection, and analytics. They delivered actionable insight that helped us understood the customers better and what they want. If you are serious about using data to make better decisions, use ZACRAC, they know what they are doing.



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