Authentic Survey Data Collection
and Market Research Solutions

  • Definition of Research Objectives
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Questionnaire Programming
  • Field Work and Data Collection
  • Data Analytics

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Beyond data collection, we turn data into information and information into insight.

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Transformation

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Survey Design

Asking the right questions the right way is the first step in the right direction. Whether you have your survey designed or need us to help you coin the right questions
– we are here for you

Data Gathering

After the survey design comes the administration of the questionnaire to your target audience. At ZacRac, we boast of a robust panel of respondents spread across the 54 African countries, Europe, Asia and America, best of all is that they are from virtually all sectors and spheres of life

Analysis and Results

We provide real time analysis of the gathered responses with industry standard software like SPSS, STATA and MS Excel. Results are presented in easy-to-understand formats using Bar Chat, Trend Analysis, and Pivot Tables

We are in a time when it is either you Get Insights or Get Out.
We are in business to help you get ahead by making accurate
decision founded on quality market insights.

Our services

Helping you make smart decisions through authentic market data and insight. Best of all, our solutions are custom-made just for you.

Market Research

Insight about products, competitors and customers often separate successful companies from the not-so-successful, Market Research unlock these insights, rightly positions your company and equip you to compete effectively in today’s cut-throat business environment.

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Survey Design

We provide professional and expert Survey Design solutions such as survey objectives definition, the definition of target respondents, selection of sample size, questionnaire design, questionnaire programming and questionnaire translation. Our solutions ensure that the right targets are asked the right questions the right ways in order to ensure that the right data is collected from the survey.

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Data Collection

We boast of a robust survey panel with members across various demographics, professions, socio-economic class and best of all, in 50+ countries, including hard-to-reach targets such as C-level and decision makers. Our solution caters for Online Survey, Focus Group Discussion, In-depth interviews (IDIs), Telephone Survey, Mystery Shopping, CAPI, CATI, and Ethnography, whether you need quantitative or qualitative data, you can depend on us!

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Data Analytics

Our team of expert Data Analysts with a background in Statistic and Mathematics are available to take your data and transform it into an understandable form and insight. Wth the emergence of Big Data, our data analysis solutions has also been broadened to take care of this phenomenon using tools like R, Python, SPSS, MS Excel and among others.

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