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Feasibility Study

How feasible is that new big idea of yours? Feasibility study is another market research tools our team; ZACRAC provides for your product, service, organization or business. For example, when you want to start up on a new business venture, create a new product line, or even expand an existing product line or service into a new market, in a different demographic location, under any economic condition, these are risky investments and so, Conducting an effective feasibility study or analysis, is an important step you need to take in assessing the potential risks, costs, benefits and rewards of the new venture.

If a significant market for your product or services cannot be established, then it can be said that there is no project. Therefore, Feasibility study would help examine the potential marketability of your product or service, attract investors, and clients that there is a potential market for your product or services.

The need for a detailed and concise feasibility analysis or assessment cannot be over-emphasized as it confers innumerable benefit to your business or organization; outlined below are some of the benefits;

Feasibility studies will assess the potential sales of your product, the potential and likely level of market absorption and capture rates and further, the timeliness of the project.

Feasibility studies also helps to explore the economic climate, likely pitfalls, identify opportunities, and plan the eventual cost and revenue of the business.