Founded to help you make smarter decisions by leveraging data and analytics.

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Who we are

We are a data company that provides data and analytic solutions for individuals and enterprises with the sole goal of helping them make smarter decisions using data. Our belief is that data is one-size-fit-all for all industries, and sizes of organizations- whatever it is you want to achieve, data can help you one way or another.  Even for non-profits, government agencies, and religious organizations, data can be leveraged extensively.

Our mission

A singular mission to “help individuals and organizations make better decisions using data”. Though the mission is singular, we are flexible in our approach. Currently, we strive to achieve this mission through our Market Research service, Zacrac Learning; a learning platform for data literacy, and FeedBack; a customer feedback collection and analytics platform. As we continue on our journey, we will keep building data solutions and products, as long as they will help us to achieve our mission.

Why we started

We love data, we understand data, we've seen data at work, and we've seen data help organizations build killer products and services, and hit unbelievable milestones. Before Zacrac, the founding team had experience in the data space, spanning Market Research, Consumer Insight, Data Analytics, Research, and Statistics. This experience made us fall in love more with data. We started Zacrac out of love and conviction that data is both today and tomorrow.  We want to help organizations and individuals tap into the possibilities of data.

Zacrac in the news

Zacrac's groundbreaking data analytics work has been featured in major media publications and industry news outlets. Our solutions and data experts are recognized for driving innovation and transforming businesses.


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I'm grateful for the growth opportunities and friendly work culture. Training sessions have boosted my skills, and the camaraderie among colleagues makes work enjoyable. Looking forward to being part of this dynamic team.

Grace Oni


I'm thankful for the collaborative atmosphere here. The team's support has enhanced my productivity, and the open communication makes me feel valued. Excited to contribute more to our success.

Adeola Seun

Data analyst

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