Analyse data using R language

R is a language widely used in statistics, computing and data analysis. Over time,
the introduction and addition of packages to it has made it more relevant in the
analysis of data. These additions have made the visualization, manipulation and
compilation of data better and easier. All this forms the basis of our curriculum
aimed at helping you understand and manipulate data.


What do you stand to gain.

  • Explore Recommendation Systems
  • user-based collaborative filtering
  • Item-based collaborative filtering.
  • Perform Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  • Use various packages in R to create fancy plots
  • Apply various supervised machine learning techniques.

Course Outline

Why choose us

  • 9 weeks of intensive training
  • Data interpration and presentation
  • Opportunity to work on real-life projects
  • Access to highly experienced and certified instructors.
  • Flexible timetable,curriculum and recognised certification.

Who should go for this course

  • Experienced Analyst
  • Those interested in learning Business Analytics.
  • Student who are ambitious to become "Data Analysts" soon.
  • A must learn for professionals from Mathematics, Statistics background