Survey on Phone Usage Among Young Adults in Nigeria



Research Type:


Method of Data Collection:

Online Survey


Young Adults 18-35 years

Sample Size:


This survey was conducted to evaluate the phone usage among young adults in Nigeria. Responses were collected from 500 randomly selected phone users using a well – designed questionnaire containing both closed and open – ended questions.

The questionnaire was loaded online and the necessary logics was applied to ensure respondents answer the right questions. The findings from the study reveals that females (59.6%) are more addicted to their phones than males (56.3%) while Tecno (32.6%) and Infinix (32.6%) are the most usedphone brands among young adults in Nigeria.

Based on occupation, students (40.8%) are the largest phone users in Nigeria and close to half (46%) of the respondents have more than one phone. 57% of the phone users agreed that they are addicted to their phone while only 21%can be separated from their phone for up to 3 days. 35% of phone users spend 6 – 10 hours in a day on their phones and while another 30% spend between 11 – 15 hours using their phone. Majority (81%) of the respondents have been cautioned by their relatives that they spend much time on pressing their phones while more than half (52%) of the respondents exhaust their monthly data subscription within 2 weeks. 75% of the respondents spends an average of NGN 1,000 - NGN 2,000/monthly on internet subscription while 20% of the respondents spend NGN3,000 – NGN4,000/monthly on internet subscription. 60.2% of phone users are aware ofthe health implications associated with phone addiction while 43% of the respondents have experienced a blurred vision after a using their phones for a prolonged period of time. 32% of the respondents have even neglected important activities such as school because of their phone while 62% of the respondents have experienced anger because they were unable to use their phone. WhatsApp (60.6%), Facebook (18%) and Instagram (9.8%) are the three most used mobile applications among Nigerian young adults.

What this report contains / List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Gender of the respondents
  • Figure 2: Age of the respondents
  • Figure 3: Distribution of respondents by state
  • Figure 4: Occupation of the respondents
  • Figure 5: Mobile phone brands of the respondents
  • Figure 6: How long do you use your mobile phone in a day?
  • Figure 7: Have you ever been told that you spend much time on your mobile phone?
  • Figure 8: How long does it takes you to exhaust your monthly data subscription?
  • Figure 9: How much do you spend averagely on your Monthly subscription?
  • Figure 10: What purpose do you use your mobile phone for?
  • Figure 11: Would you say you are addicted to your Mobile Phone?
  • Figure 12: How long can you be separated from your Mobile phone?
  • Figure 13: Where do you keep your phone while you sleep?
  • Figure 14: What is the first thing you do on your mobile phone in the morning?
  • Figure 15: What is the last thing you do on your mobile phone at night?
  • Figure 16: What is the first thing you touch when you wake up in the morning?
  • Figure 17: Fact statements
  • Figure 18: Awareness of Health Implication of Phone Addiction
  • Figure 19: Have you experienced any discomfort or pain in shoulder or hand after prolonged usage of your Mobile Phone?
  • Figure 20: Health challenges Experience after a long use of Mobile Phone
  • Figure 21: Do you treat your phone like a person?
  • Figure 22: Would you choose between your phone and a relationship?
  • Figure 23: Treatment of phone by the respondents
  • Figure 24: Use of Multiple phones
  • Figure 25: Phone Usage and Attitude towards Important Activities, Family, Friends and Relatives
  • Figure 26: Favourite mobile application of the respondent