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Before you can make data-driven decisions, you need to first collect that data. Undoubtedly, data collection is first and most important step in data-driven decision making. For maximal result, the data collected must be from the proper sources, be free of bias and must come from diverse environments.

There are a lot of essentials to consider. That’s why you should let us handle it.

What do you need?


Political Survey

Political surveys are vital for political office holders and aspirants as it gives the political parties and their candidates a picture of where they stand, with the public.

It also helps candidates and parties understand how to use resources by accessing their strengths and weakness across various demographical locations.


Public Opinion Poll

Public Opinion poll or survey is designed to measure the public's view regarding a particular topic or series of themes.

Here, there is an opportunity to reach out and get the opinion of people who do not have access to the media, as we engage every medium possible, some of which are telephone and face-to-face interviews, online, and self-administered surveys.


Employee Survey

Employees are the most valuable assets of a firm. However, the employee's commitment level will have an impact on the company's performance. Survey for employee features questions that cut across health and safety, diversity, personal development, workplace conditions, remuneration, and work/life balance. All this is crafted in line with the goals of your organization.


Customer Insight Survey

Insight help companies make better decisions. Regardless of the product/service, size, and location, conducting a consumer survey has proven to be one of the best investments that could be made. When compared with traditional market research methods such as in-depth interviews (IDIs) and focus groups, consumer surveys are quicker, more cost-effective and deliver results quickly.

We are proficient with the followinmg methods of data collection

  • Online survey

    What faster way is there to get information than through the internet? In online surveys, the questionnaires are programmed and respondents can respond on their own schedule.

  • Face-to-face surveys

    Meeting people personally and conducting interviews provides high confidence of data.

  • Telephone surveys

    A good number of people have phones today, so conducting interviews with individuals using cellphones is quite easy.

  • Paper Surveys

    The traditional approach of using paper and pencils for surveys is still very much available and useful for field research and data collection.

Why us?


We promise 99.99% accuracy.

Without accuracy in data collection and processing, the outcomes of your analysis would be misleading and would negatively influence insights. At zacrac, we ensure that there are no discrepancies and errors in the data collection proces.


We offer timely services

We ensure we deliver the final product to our clients on schedule and right on time.


We are highly experienced

With many testimonials, we have helped individuals, businesses and companies collect, analyze and generate insight from data.


Able and trained hands on deck

We are all about excellence and we ensure that your project is handled by experts.


Top-notch tools and Technology

Our TTT game is right on point – Techniques, Tools and Technology!


Privacy and Security

At zacrac, we make sure your data is safe and secure.

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successful as feedbacks and insights.

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