we do not tell you what you want to hear,
neither do we tell you what you don’t want to hear,
we only tell you what your targets are saying.

Online Surveys

One of the most common and effective ways to administer a questionnaire in modern times, online surveys allow those completing the survey to provide honest answers from the comfort of their own locations.

Desk Surveys

Desk survey is a type of market research tool or technique, a service that we offer our clients, which however refers to an introductory or preparatory research or survey, and involves the gathering and analysis of secondary data and then reporting into a subject matter with the use of relevant data already made available.

Telephone Surveys (CATI interviews)

A smart way to gather survey answers, CATI allows an interviewer to read survey questions to the subject and record them as they are answered.

Focus Groups

Focus group interview is a form of qualitative research where a group of people (usually 6-10) are asked about their opinions, beliefs, perceptions and attitudes towards a product, service, advertisement, concept, idea or packaging

Online Surveys

Typically, respondents are able to complete a survey at their chosen time, rather than scheduling time for a phone or Face-to-Face interviews, which makes this a good solution for those who want a wide variety of answers and a large sample size.

Depending on the type of questions asked, either open ended questions for qualitative answers to multiple chose for quantitative answers, online surveys can reach a lot of people and get a lot of answers in a short amount of time, as long as the target demographic has access to a computer and is able to operate it.

Focus Groups

Questions are asked in an interactive manner and the participants are free to interact with other members of the group and the moderator. The research question been studied is a key factor that influences the design of a focus group as well as the appropriate sample size.

In a focus group discussion, more than one researcher may be present apart from the moderator, the role of these researchers is to take note and observations during the discussion or even to take recordings of the discussion.

Desk Surveys

Our perception about Desk survey is why spend more time and resources which can be channeled into more productive ventures, on primary research, when you can employ the expertise of our seasoned Desk Researchers in other to get the necessary information needed for your research which off course would not involve an extensive and expensive field survey.

Desk Surveys are not fund gulping, however, the general notion that comes to play in people’s mind is that when a big idea, or innovation is about to be birth, it must definitely need a lot of funds invested into it and by default merits an original piece of research, which should have been subjected to series of market survey’s and information analysis.

Telephone Surveys

A smart way to gather survey answers, CATI allows an interviewer to read survey questions to the subject and record them as they are answered. The computer program assists from dialing to customizing questions, and checking answers for consistency. It also speeds up the interview process, due in part to its ability to skip questions when they don’t apply to the interviewee.

CATI system offers is its ability to customize questions based on the responses of the interviewee. This application of logic helps to get quality data, as it can notify the interviewer when an answer is in accurate. It can also find incomplete answers or highlight areas that may be better served by getting further detail.

Computer Assisted

For complex interviews, or those that have lengthy questions, CAPI is the ideal solution to interviewing needs. Depending on how the survey is done, either the respondent or interviewer is given access to a computer at which they can answer the questions. Typically, both the interviewer and the respondent are present at the time during which the survey is administered, although it is possible for the respondents to complete the survey on their own, which is known as CASI, Computer-Assisted Self Interviewing. Like the CATI, the program is able to scan for inconsistencies and ensure the most accurate information to those administering the survey.

It can also provide interviewers with mobility to conduct their studies in places like trade shows, shopping plazas, and even schools and workplaces, depending on the nature of the survey. CASI is often a preferred method for gathering personal information that a respondent may be uncomfortable answering to an interviewer. Users are able to be more candid and honest when they can answer their survey privately.

In-depth Interviews (IDIs)

IN-DEPTH INTERVIEW methodology is one of our Market Research methodologies we use in surveying business owners, high-level executives, community and business leaders, key opinion influencers, technicians, specialists, and other professionals about complex or highly sensitive topics. IDIs also known as a one-to-one interview is a qualitative research method, in which just one person is interviewed, usually for 10-30minutes or more. It can also be occasionally prearranged over the phone, with the use of web cams, Skype or similar videoconferencing tools as far as both parties have them available.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a research tool for gathering specific information about a brand, product, service or process without revealing the identity and purpose of the mystery shopper to the establishment being evaluated. Mystery shoppers carryout specific tasks such as buying a product, registering complaints, asking questions, behaving in a certain way and giving detailed reports about their experience during these activities.


Ethnography is another data research technique we offer at Zacrac. It is relatively different from other forms of research which may involve testing of hypothesis or research been subjected to laboratory analysis. It refers to a qualitative research or systematic study on the human society, concentrating on the people and their culture. This research observes the society from the point of view of the subject of the study, and it is represented graphically in writing on the culture of a people (society).