The Data Incubator

The Data Incubator is a 16-week (4 months) immersive program for those interested in acquiring hands-on data science and analytics skills- regardless of their discipline.

During the Incubator, participants will be taken through the theoretical concepts of data science and analytics. Participants will also learn how to use some of the most prominent data science and analytics tools; Microsoft Excel, Python, and Tableau for data wrangling, exploration, analysis, and visualization.


Program Objective

The objective of the program is to produce ready-for-hire data analysts and data professional that are grounded in the theoretical concepts of data science and analytics, and also possess practical skills in data analytics, visualization, and modeling. Furthermore, the program also aims to expose and groom participants on the soft skills and professional ethics required to work as data professional


Program Scope

The time you will spend in the incubator is going to the rigorous, engaging, tough, but amazing. You will work closely with our expert instructors, alumni, and fellow students to learn and master in-demand skills to help launch your career in data science and analytics. During the program, you will be divided into groups to work on real-life projects, embark on inter-team competition, and deliver presentations. On top of this, you will work on your capstone project towards the end of the program using real-life data to solve business, economic, or policy problems – depending on what interests you.


What you will learn

  • Introduction to Data Science and Analytics

  • Statistics for Data Science and Analytics

  • Data Analytics with Microsoft Excel

  • Data Science and Machine Learning with Python

  • Data Visualization and Reporting with Tableau

  • Capstone Project Ideas


The incubator will span 16-week (4 months), during which you will be learning/working from our hub in Akure. Office Hours are thrice weekly, spanning 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (GMT +1)

Important Dates

  • Registration Starts: 14th February, 2022
  • Registration Ends: 29th April, 2022


A certificate shall be issued to eligible participants at the end of the program based on the following criteria.

  • Record of attendance during the Incubator
  • Completion of Capstone Project
  • Participation in Mini-Hackathons and Presentation

Mode of Participation

Participants can join the incubator and participate.

  • Physical

Evaluation and Assessment

During the incubator, you will be evaluated and assessed in the following ways.

  • Weekly Sprints
  • Heats (Group Projects)
  • Monthly Mini Hackathons
  • Exercises
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Capstone Project

Program Fee