we do not tell you what you want to hear,
neither do we tell you what you don’t want to hear,
we only tell you what your targets are saying.

Idea & Concept Testing

Idea and concept testing is another service Our Team provides. An old African parlance states that “Never dive into unknown waters especially when the temperature is unknown, you rather test with the tip of your foot whether hot or cold”. For Us at ZACRAC, this literally explains (IDCT). It is simply referring to the investigation of potential costumer' or consumer reaction to a proposed product or service before it is introduced into the market.

IDCT helps you streamline your business ideas so that they would have greater potentials for market acceptability, by providing insight for designing a more optimal product or service.

Why should you use IDCT for a new idea or concept before launching it out into the commercial deep?

Idea and concept testing will help you set your priorities right, it also has the ability to improve your products or services, increase product shifts and market match.

Testing your marketing materials, especially among other product in the market, can help you develop and optimize effective positioning

IDCT saves you a lot of time and money when you have a new idea you want to get right, before launching into the market.