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Data Visualization And Integration

Technology is gradually changing market research and so Data visualization and Integration (DVI) is one of the services we provide to aid our market research. It is a technique we employ to pass across data or information through visualization. It simply has to do with creating visual objects which would be presented majorly in form of graphs, and charts; consisting of bars, lines and points. This is another method we use in channeling information to our users effectively, with clarity as well and efficiently through graphical methods.

Unlike the use of text based data in which Patterns, and so on might go undetected; the use of (DVI) can help to easily recognize and simplify data. However, it doesn't mean that data visualization must look unappealing to function well or highly sophisticated to look impressive. To channel ideas effectively, both forms need to go hand in hand, that is in functionality and also aesthetics providing insights into conveying its key-aspects in a more instinctive way.

The aim of (DVI) is to help people understand the significance of data by fixing it in a visual context.

The tools we apply in creating (DVI) are not just limited to the regular graphics and charts, often used in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, but can be displayed in more advanced ways such as, diagrams, dials, geographic maps, detailed bars, and pie charts, that would contain images which posses interactive proponents, enabling user to manipulate them and drill further for querying and analysis.

Some of the characteristics of (DVI) are as follows; it shows the data, makes you compare different pieces of data, closely integrated with a verbal and statistical description of a set of data, makes data coherent, its however descriptive, tabulated, and also explorative in a manner that appeals to the eye of our clients, from a broad overview to a fine structure it reveals the data at several levels of details.