Data Entry•

Whether piles of paper or online data, ZACRAC would turn your data into accessible, searchable and categorized data!

" Data Entry It could be quite the hassle! ”

In most organizations, data entry is considered a basic, necessary task, yet many data entry tasks have proven to be extremely time consuming in nature.

What Exactly is DATA Entry and why does it matter?

Data entry is the process of adding, verifying and editing electronic data. Whether you are a small, medium or big organization, you definitely need and use data.

A lot of companies need people to add raw data into databases, transcribe notes from meetings, and add sales figures into electronic formats many times on a business day.

Studies show that “data entry is one of the most redundant and hated workplace tasks” and one can only help but wonder why in this age of artificial intelligence, data mining and smart technologies, people still carry out this task manually.

Here’s why you should leave your data entry tasks for us.


We’d never data shame you

While many companies may expect and request for orderly documents, our trained and experienced staff can tackle ANY amount of paper digital information, no matter how disorganized it is.


We accept large documents

From small, medium to enormous documents, we are on board


We ensure maximum level of accuracy

Little discrepancies in your data can render it useless for the decision making process. This is why we ensure optimal accuracy by conducting rigorous quality checks before delivering the final output.


We catalog all data

Using technologies like OCR and IMR, we detect and image various document data like handwritten forms. Data indexing like this makes your data searchable.


The Midas touch – we turn your data into gold!

After your data is all sorted out, we make sure it is more than useful to you by analyzing and providing actionable insights to take your business to a whole NEW LEVEL!


Your data is safe with us

At ZACRAC, our storage sites for both paper and electronic data are secured. Also, based on industry-specific regulations, we shred and dispose used paper.

Our exceptional data entry operators are grounded in the use of the necessary data entry software such as:

  • Word processors like Microsoft word.
  • Spreadsheet packages like Excel.
  • iWork Numbers Databases, etc

ZACRAC offers data entry in many forms such as:

  • Database creation
  • Contact forms
  • Database cleanup/ web scraping
  • Compliance forms
  • Remittances
  • Subscription applications
  • Feedback forms/ customer satisfaction forms
  • Human resources forms, student records, etc.

There are more ways we can
satisfy you with our expertise!

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