Your data speaks. Are you listening?

Every organization generates or collects data, every day- either sales data, advertisement, employee records, customer records et cetera. But not every organization use this data, many just sit on it and let the data lie idle- no analytics, no insight.

Data don’t lie, but only the data you analyze .

In business, decision-making is vital and you need to analyze your past decisions: know why they worked (or did not work) and you need to know the next set of actions to take. When your data sits there and does nothing, you are one step farther from gaining insights. Let your data work for you as we handle all of your data analysis tasks.

Our Analytics-as-a-Service cuts across data analytics, data visualization and interpretation. We take your data and transform it into actionable insight.

We’d love to take the burden of hiring a data analyst or managing an analytics team off your shoulders. We let you focus on your core business while we periodically come for your data, clean it, carry out analytics and interpretation, and deliver insight reports.

Our solution at a glance !


Data Analytics

Our team of data ‘magicians’ wave their wands and voila, plain, boring data becomes gold. At a glance, our data analysts know what kind of analysis your data needs, and know how to go about it effectively.

We’ve done this over and over again using tools such as Python, R, MS Excel, Power BI, Tableau, and have a record of effectiveness and customer satisfaction.


Insight Report

After all the technical up-and-downs, we deliver an easy-to-understand insight report to you. This report contains specific findings from the analytics and actionable insights that you can incorporate into your business.

Our insight report is handy, straight to the point, and uses images, charts, and graphs to drive home the points.


Data visualization

From simple to sophisticated visualization tools, we use charts and graphs to visualize your data, and help you discover facts and trends.


Data interpretation

After analysis, it is pertinent that you know in clear terms what your data is saying to you. At ZACRAC, we speak data, and interpret the analysis results to help you decide your next line of action.

I want to make better, smarter decisions using data.

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