When and How to Use Survey Analysis


Oct 27, 2020

A survey is a data collection tool; they are used to collect information about your target market. A survey is typically used in market research as a means of gathering self reported data from participants. Whether you are using survey analysis to gain opinions or to gather factual information, here are some helpful tips to assist you in the process.

Choose your Survey Method:

There are several ways that you can administer a survey:

  • Paper survey
  • Online survey
  • Mobile survey
  • Face to face interview

The most cost-effective surveys are mobile and online surveys. However, you should always keep your target audience in mind, some customers may be easier to reach via a mailed survey as they don’t have access to a mobile device or a computer or may simply have a preference for paper surveys.

Target Respondent Panel:

You need to know who you intend on targeting for your survey. Make sure that the sample size is an accurate representation of your total customer base. Your survey should be administered to a combination of you current as well as potential customers in order to gain a range of customer feedback.

The Design Process:

If you are designing your own research survey, you will need to stick to the following:

  • Keep it simple; asking complicated questions will put your audience off completing the survey.
  • Make sure that it is easy to read and visually appealing.
  • Start with general questions first and then move to more specific questions.
  • Make sure the questions are short and easy to understand.
  • Ask direct questions as opposed to leading or ambiguous questions.
  • Pre-test your questionnaire to eliminate any potential problems.

Administer the Survey:

Once you have administered the survey using your chosen method, you will need to collect and manage the results. You can use an online survey software which comes with advanced data collection and administration capabilities required to conduct and manage survey analysis for effective results.

You are not limited to conducting online research alone, you will administer different survey methods and therefore require different methods to manage the results. There are survey software solutions available that have more advanced features such as multi-mode capabilities. This allows you to output the same survey using different formats such as mobile, paper and online.

Process and Analyse Results:

This is the most tedious part of the process but the most worthwhile once you have extracted the required information. Survey software solutions are equipped with advanced capabilities that will enable you to analyze charts, tables, graphs and cross tabulations.

Final Thought

One of the main advantages of survey analysis is that it enables organizations to collect data from a large number of respondents and ask a wide range of questions to provide extensive flexibility in data analysis and to assist in making important business and marketing decisions.