7 Reasons Why you should Regularly Survey your Audience


Oct 27, 2020

Your customers are the most important aspect of your business, without them your organization won’t survive. Therefore, you must ensure that their needs are constantly met. The most successful companies are meticulously customer focused; they know everything they need to know to make sure they are delivering the right services to their customers so that they keep on coming back for more. That is one of the main differences between a successful and unsuccessful company, customer retention.

The main aim of a survey is to get into the mind of your customer, you want to know how they think and feel about your products, your competitor’s products, your marketing strategy and much more, a good survey research design will assist you in this endeavour. Here are seven reasons why you should regularly survey your audience.

1. Feedback on your Latest Products

After launching a new product, finding out what your customers think is the most effective method of making improvements or garnering new ideas for your next product. The results will highlight any key flaws and enable your organization to react to real life comments.

This is an essential tool to market your brand as a proactive and forward thinking company who is willing to listen to their customers.

2. Demographics

In order to target specific groups at specific times, you need to know where they are located. A basic set of questions will pinpoint the precise demographics of your customer base.

You can administer demographic segmentation which separates the market into groups focused on variables such as gender, age, and family size.

Understanding customer demographics will determine to whom, where and how your products are marketed.

3. Customer Experience

Customer feedback should be a part of your marketing strategy. Communicating regularly with your customers will build a solid and trustworthy relationship. Simply by letting them know that you care about the experience they have had with your organization creates loyal customers.

4. Unhappy Customers

Unfortunately, an unhappy customer is more likely to display their disdain for your services than a happy customer. However, you can turn this into an advantage. If you know what sent them into the arms of your competitors you know what to do to bring them back!

5. Buying Habits

Just because Mr Smith liked pink furry hats last week, doesn’t mean he will like them next month. Buying habits change constantly, if you don’t keep up to speed with the needs of your customers they will go elsewhere!

6. Acquisition

You can use a customer survey to determine a customer’s first interaction with your company. Finding out how your customers found you is a valuable marketing tool. It will assist you in directing your resources to where your brand is most visible.

7. Customer Loyalty

Your organization can measure customer loyalty by calculating your NPS score, “Net Promoter Score.” This is an index that ranges on a score of -100 to 100 and it measures how willing customers are to recommend your services or products to others.  The answers to these questions will assist you in building a picture of how loyal your customers are to your organization.

Final Thought

Effective survey research design will continue to be a valuable marketing tool. As long as your survey is well designed and you are willing to accept constructive criticism you can use survey responses to transform your business.