5 Common Job Roles in the Market Research Industry and what they do


Oct 27, 2020

The majority of career orientated people didn’t set off on their employment path with market research in mind, it is often a career that people stumble into but once they do, they realize that not only is it rewarding but a career that is dynamic and continues to evolve.

Market research projects are a team effort, and the majority of projects involve a small brigade of individuals. Most positions are either within a market research agency, or on the client-side at retailers, manufacturers, government or nonprofit agencies or service providers. All of which rely on research to make crucial decisions within their company.

Previously, those on the client-side worked in the company market research department, but the majority of these have been dispersed into wider market departments. If you are considering getting into market research, here are the five most common positions within the industry.

1. Market Research Executive

  • Coordinating, planning and administering market research projects.
  • Carry out quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Agree budgets and timescales.
  • Design research methods such as questionnaires and interviews.
  • Monitor work progress and supervise staff.
  • Write reports, including client recommendations.
  • Advise clients on how they can effectively make use of their results.
  • Consult with clients about project objectives and requirements.

2. Market Data Analyst

  • Identify key market statistics and interpret findings.
  • They assist marketing managers in understanding the numerical data behind their marketing strategies.
  • Assist managers in implementing decisions in the marketing process backed by research.

3. Market Research Data Scientist

  • Execute and coordinate all stages of the market research process.
  • Deliver relevant and current market and customer insights.
  • Create longitudinal survey studies to provide an outlook on industry gaps and emerging customer needs.
  • Create actionable and dynamic reports that make information come alive.

4. Market Research Associate

  • Responsible for designing quantitative and qualitative field and market research.
  • Assist in managing research projects and articulating the results.
  • Analyze product reports and survey databases.
  • Recruit participants for research and manage research lists.

5. Market Research Consultant

  • Falls under the broader career category of Marketing Specialists and Market Research Analysts.
  • Research market conditions in national, local and regional areas.
  • Collect information to determine the sales potential of a service or product.
  • Creates the entire lifecycle of a marketing campaign.
  • Responsible for gathering information on competitor’s sales, prices and marketing methods and distribution.
  • Measure the effectiveness of advertising, marketing and communications strategies and programs.
  • Develop and implement processes for identifying advertising requirements.
  • Conduct research on marketing strategies and customer opinions, collaborating with pollsters, statisticians, and other marketing professionals.

Final Thought

There has been a dramatic transformation within the market research industry in recent years. Through the digital revolution and globalization the opportunities for market research jobs are limitless. If you want to become a part of something that will inspire and challenge you then this is the career for you.