Leading a data-driven future

We are reimagining the use of data to help our clients become niche leaders. With our client at the centre of the image, we work around making all things work towards their success.

Our History


In the

Zacrac started as a market research and public opinion poll company. We specialised in helping organisations conduct surveys, research their market and give feasibility studies. Overall, we focused on data collection services.

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The line•

Zacrac embodied the idea of personal and organisational growth which it stands for. We transformed into a full-fledged data science and analytics company in recognition of the increasing demand for data analytics and training services.


Here we

Fascinated by the ability to help individuals and firms leverage data to make quality decisions. We are always in our element concentrated on data collection, analytics, reporting and training to ensure our clients achieve progress.

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We do it for love

And an incredible array of snacks

wale adeyemo

Adewale Adeyemo


Gabriel Adegbite

Gabriel Adegbite


Faith Adunola

Faith Adunola

Admin Manager

Segun Oni

Snr. Data Analyst

Oluwaseyi Oloyede

Jnr. Data analyst

Eric Okiti

Lead Developer

Bolariwa Ajayi

Frontend Developer

Alebiosu Jadesola

Business Development Executive

Sonia Etuwewe

Legal Consultant

Erioluwa Oluwadare

Digital Marketer

Micheal Akpan

Content Writer

G.Nosa Osas

Graphics Designer

Our model


  • Identify our client’s current strategy.
  • Analyze existing data and patterns
  • Research, organize and evaluate new data


  • Interact with the general public as well as the client’s customer base.
  • Create a POOL of data.
  • Use responses to create informative projections.


  • Create and maintain a flexible industry-relevant curriculum.
  • Test knowledge of students using real-life projects.
  • Ensure knowledge is not hoarded.