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Voice of Consumers

A customer satisfaction survey is a type of research in which your customers are asked for their opinions concerning the products and services that your business provides.
Satisfaction surveys are a valuable tool for all businesses, they aid in helping you to gain an accurate understanding of the needs of your customers so that you can make improvements where necessary.
Through the continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction and efficiently responding to problems, your organization can enhance customer loyalty and increase profit margins.
Here are some of the benefits associated with administering customer satisfaction surveys.

Valuable feedback:
The data from a customer satisfaction survey will provide your organization with valuable feedback in regards to the issues that your customers feel are important to them.
Customer satisfaction surveys are strategically designed to find out how satisfied your customers are with the products and services that you provide, and whether what you offer is meeting their needs.
The survey results will highlight any problems that you are unaware of and provide you with the opportunity to rectify them and take remedial action.

Provides a voice for your customers:
A customer satisfaction survey provides an avenue for customers to voice their opinions.
If your customers are tired of how slow your website loads, or how early your business closes, you should know about it.
On the other hand, if your customers are ecstatic about your services, this is also something that you should know about as it is an indication that your current strategy is working.
You should also bear in mind that some customers are going to be indifferent and not have anything positive or negative to say.
With the growth in social media and online review sites where views and opinions about your company are discussed outside of your control, it is imperative that you provide your customers with the platform they need to express themselves or they will find other ways of doing so.
By providing this type of platform, you are telling your customers that you are interested in what they have to say.

Encourages other departments to become more customer focused:
Departments such as order processing and accounts may not feel that their jobs have any effect on customer satisfaction.
When in actual fact, they play a critical role in how customers feel about your organization.
You can lose customers simply because they don’t like the service they are getting from a certain department.
Questions such as “How satisfied are you with the amount of time it took for the processing of your order?” Or “How satisfied are you with the efficiency of your invoices?” Will provide you with the information you need to assess how your customers feel about departments that are not on the front line.
When you share the results of your customer satisfaction survey with all levels of your organization, you highlight how important those departments are in terms of customer relations which then creates a customer focused attitude within the workforce.

Organizational priorities:
The analysis of customer satisfaction surveys highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your organization from the perspective of your customers.
Your main focus should be on areas that score the lowest in a customer satisfaction survey and prioritize in improving business processes, or if necessary employee training.

Customer retention:
It is imperative to have a loyal customer base, they are the most important element of your organization, and without them your business won’t survive.
If your surveys indicate that your customers are not happy with several of your services, you risk losing your customers to your competitors.
Once you discover your areas of weakness, rapidly work to make improvements so that you can retain your customers.

Identifying potential growth areas:
You should view your customer surveys as opening the door to new market penetration, geographical expansion and profit increase.
At an important turning point, your survey might ask, “what do you think we should do next?” Discovering the direction in which the requirements of your customers is heading will determine your future business strategy.

Opening up channels of communication:
One of the most important functions of a customer satisfaction survey is that it opens up dialogue between your company and your customers.
Open communication builds a foundation for loyalty.
Your customers are essential to the success of your business, without them your business will fail. Here is how ZACRAC’s customer satisfaction surveys can assist you in understanding the needs of your target audience and build customer loyalty.

Our customer satisfaction surveys are guaranteed to get results:
Our surveys are designed so that your customers understand that your main aim is to improve services for their individual benefit.
Our questions ensure that the most accurate information is gathered from your customers.
We will work with you to ensure that timely surveys are delivered.
There is nothing worse than receiving a survey 10 months after you bought a product that you have now forgotten about.
Surveys are most effective when they are administered shortly after a product or service has been purchased.

We will analyze your survey results:
When it comes to your survey results you need an opinion that is objective, free from emotion and honest.
Our trained professionals will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your results.

We make recommendations on your behalf:
After we have analyzed your data, we will make recommendations that will assist in achieving your main objective.
Our team will provide you with a detailed strategy that will propel your organization to the forefront.
The main aim of ZACRAC is to provide you with the information that you need to achieve your objectives.
When you enter into a contract with us we guarantee to revolutionize your company, and eradicate the challenges that you face within your organization. Regardless of the extent of the challenge our clients can be confident of our unrivaled expertise acquired through our shared experience.