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Our OMNIBUS SURVEY is a fast, flexible, analytical, and cost-effective business-to-business research that combines several views or results into a single package.

ZACRAC for Students

research made easy for students.
It is a fresh initiative our team has provided to ease research for students; student at any level.

Feasibility Study

How feasible is that new big idea of yours? Feasibility study is another market research tools our team; ZACRAC provides for your product, service, organization or business.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Your employees are the backbone of your organization, companies that invest in their employees professional as well as personal development will gain a competitive advantage over their opposition and a more efficient, loyal and devoted workforce.

Political Polls

Knowledge is the bedrock of any successful endeavor, and most importantly, is the right application of it.
Our company’s research team is not just limited to culminating data for seemly proposed or flourishing business ventures, we also engage in sampling political polls in other words referred to as political opinion polls majorly targeted at the political parties and their candidates.
This is simply a short and broad human research survey or polls, of likely voters, sourced from the public or peoples opinion about a political party and its candidates, from particular or broad samples, using various tools such as, the social media, one-to-one, or person-to-person interviews, questionnaire’s, phone calls, and so on, in order to arrive at an unbiased result.
The major purpose of our political polls is to help discover the chances a political party and their candidates have of winning or losing an election for a particular office in specific or different demographic locations.
Our political polls are created to represent the opinion of a population by means of simply conducting a series of questions, and then logically infer generally in a ratio or within assertive intervals.
We have discovered over the years, that technological innovations have greatly influenced survey methods with the innovation of internet based polling and the use of electronic clipboards and so we employ these means together with the use of Verbal polls, conducted efficiently, with other types of surveys, either systematic or complicated matrices would give us an accurate end result unlike orthodox procedures previously used.
Political polls are important for our clients for the following reasons; first, it gives the political parties and their candidates a picture of where they stand, with the public.
Secondly, it enables the candidates and their parties’ access their strengths and weakness in various demographical locations.
Thirdly, it helps to know which voters are persuadable, so as to spend limited resources in the most efficient manner.
Furthermore, the polls or survey enables the candidates track their progress records and more importantly gives an idea of what slogans, messages, or slangs are best used in different area.
The place of political polls for political parties cannot be over-emphasized as it is a key tool for the success of any political ambition.

Idea & Concept Testing

When an organization or business seeks to launch out a new product or create an investment in the development of a maiden idea, IDCT is a needful and valuable service that we provide in order to help such organization or business identify costumers’ perceptions, satisfaction, wants, needs, and possible risks associated with the product or service.
Often times, Business owners, marketers, and product developers overlook the power of IDCT in product positioning.
A product or service is said to be positioned effectively when its attractive characteristics have been impinged in the minds of consumers, so much so that the product or service is distinguishable from others in the market.
Those appealing and unique characteristics can be identified or developed through IDCT.

Why should you use IDCT for a new idea or concept before launching it out into the commercial deep?

  • IDCT helps you streamline your business ideas so that they would have greater potentials for market acceptability, by providing insight for designing a more optimal product or service.
  • `
  • Idea and concept testing will help you set your priorities right, it also has the ability to improve your products or services, increase product shifts and market match.
  • Testing your marketing materials, especially among other product in the market, can help you develop and optimize effective positioning.
  • IDCT saves you a lot of time and money when you have a new idea you want to get right, before launching into the market.
IDCT gives you a landing page by getting feedback directly from your target market.
We make it as simple, quick or iterative and sophisticated as you need.

Feasibility Study

How feasible is that new big idea of yours? Feasibility study is another market research tools our team; ZACRAC provides for your product, service, organization or business.
For example, when you want to start up on a new business venture, create a new product line, or even expand an existing product line or service into a new market, in a different demographic location, under any economic condition, these are risky investments and so, Conducting an effective feasibility study or analysis, is an important step you need to take in assessing the potential risks, costs, benefits and rewards of the new venture.
We provide you a well-designed feasibility analysis which comprises the historical background of the business or project, a description of the product or service, accounting statements, details of the operations, financial implications, legal requirements and tax obligations.
However, the Technical factor is a necessary factor required for a good feasibility study, and this is an outlined design of system requirements to determine whether the company has the technical wherewithal to handle the completion of the project.
The technical feasibility assessment is majorly focused on gaining an understanding of your present technical resources of the business and their applicability to the expected needs of the proposed system.
It is also an assessment of the hardware and software and how it would meet the need of the intended system.
In other words the need for a detailed and concise feasibility analysis or assessment cannot be over-emphasized as it confers innumerable benefit to your business or organization; outlined below are some of the benefits;

  • If a significant market for your product or services cannot be established, then it can be said that there is no project.
    Therefore, Feasibility study would help examine the potential marketability of your product or service, attract investors, and clients that there is a potential market for your product or services.
  • Feasibility studies will assess the potential sales of your product, the potential and likely level of market absorption and capture rates and further, the timeliness of the project.
  • Feasibility studies also helps to explore the economic climate, likely pitfalls, identify opportunities, and plan the eventual cost and revenue of the business.
A feasibility study may not be necessarily difficult, but a necessity and, must be done thoroughly.

Data Visualization and Integration

Technology is gradually changing market research and so Data visualization and Integration (DVI) is one of the services we provide to aid our market research.
It is a technique we employ to pass across data or information through visualization.
It simply has to do with creating visual objects which would be presented majorly in form of graphs, and charts; consisting of bars, lines and points.
This is another method we use in channeling information to our users effectively, with clarity as well and efficiently through graphical methods.
The aim of (DVI) is to help people understand the significance of data by fixing it in a visual context.
Unlike the use of text based data in which Patterns, and so on might go undetected; the use of (DVI) can help to easily recognize and simplify data.
However, it doesn't mean that data visualization must look unappealing to function well or highly sophisticated to look impressive.
To channel ideas effectively, both forms need to go hand in hand, that is in functionality and also aesthetics providing insights into conveying its key-aspects in a more instinctive way.The tools we apply in creating (DVI) are not just limited to the regular graphics and charts, often used in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, but can be displayed in more advanced ways such as, diagrams, dials, geographic maps, detailed bars, and pie charts, that would contain images which posses interactive proponents, enabling user to manipulate them and drill further for querying and analysis.
Some of the characteristics of (DVI) are as follows; it shows the data, makes you compare different pieces of data, closely integrated with a verbal and statistical description of a set of data, makes data coherent, its however descriptive, tabulated, and also explorative in a manner that appeals to the eye of our clients, from a broad overview to a fine structure it reveals the data at several levels of details.
DVI is becoming a standard for modern Business Intelligence, and its ultimate purpose is to be able to develop business insight faster and more comprehensively than previously possible.
It would also help to track consumer’s life circle, and help gain insight on market strategies.

Authentic Survey Data Collection and Market Research Solutions

  • Definition of research objectives
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Questionnaire Programming
  • Field Work and data collection
  • Data Analytics

Beyond data collection, we turn data into information and information into insight.

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Transformation