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Online Surveys

One of the most common and effective ways to administer a questionnaire in modern times, online surveys allow those completing the survey to provide honest answers from the comfort of their own locations.
Typically, respondents are able to complete a survey at their chosen time, rather than scheduling time for a phone or Face-to-Face interviews, which makes this a good solution for those who want a wide variety of answers and a large sample size.
Depending on the type of questions asked, either open ended questions for qualitative answers to multiple chose for quantitative answers, online surveys can reach a lot of people and get a lot of answers in a short amount of time, as long as the target demographic has access to a computer and is able to operate it.

Focus Groups

Focus group interview is a form of qualitative research where a group of people (usually 6-10) are asked about their opinions, beliefs, perceptions and attitudes towards a product, service, advertisement, concept, idea or packaging.
Questions are asked in an interactive manner and the participants are free to interact with other members of the group and the moderator.
The research question been studied is a key factor that influences the design of a focus group as well as the appropriate sample size.
In order to gain sufficient insight there may be need to conduct more than one focus group interview, the sampling will depend on the 'segmentation' or different stratifications (e.g.
age, sex, socioeconomic status, and health status) that the researcher identifies as important to the research topic.
During a focus group discussion, the level of moderator involvement vary from high to low degree depending on how structured the questions are and the group dynamics.
In a focus group discussion, more than one researcher may be present apart from the moderator, the role of these researchers is to take note and observations during the discussion or even to take recordings of the discussion.
Audio and video recordings are taken during focus group discussion to enable the researcher re-access the discussion afterwards or for transcription.

Desk Surveys

Desk survey is a type of market research tool or technique, a service that we offer our clients, which however refers to an introductory or preparatory research or survey, and involves the gathering and analysis of secondary data and then reporting into a subject matter with the use of relevant data already made available.
In literal terms, we say its digging out information already made available either from internet publications, published reports or in printed forms such as books, and previously collected statistics.
Our perception about Desk survey is why spend more time and resources which can be channeled into more productive ventures, on primary research, when you can employ the expertise of our seasoned Desk Researchers in other to get the necessary information needed for your research which off course would not involve an extensive and expensive field survey.
Desk Surveys are not fund gulping, however, the general notion that comes to play in people’s mind is that when a big idea, or innovation is about to be birth, it must definitely need a lot of funds invested into it and by default merits an original piece of research, which should have been subjected to series of market survey’s and information analysis.
It is not so; our desk researcher’s believe that Information which is in the public domain has to a very large extent been scrutinized by the public itself.
This is not to say that it will be all correct due to the various points of view researchers have.
But we believe that it could have been criticized severally and our researcher would further judge its accuracy.However, it is pertinent to note that desk research also has its own limitations compared to other types of market research that we offer.
This is one reason why desk research is not a major service offered by market research agencies such as ours.
It may be difficult for agencies to carry out projects based on desk research.
This would deliver a scanty report in the end; when a spring of information could be gotten from other types of market research.
For this reason, our desk research is carried out in-house by our skilled desk researchers, which would involve minimal costs, saving you from much more expensive fieldwork.

Authentic Survey Data Collection and Market Research Solutions

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Beyond data collection, we turn data into information and information into insight.

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