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Survey Design

Asking the right questions the right way is the first step in the right direction. Whether you have your survey designed or need us to help you coin the right questions –
we are here for you.
Our team of experts with background in Psychology and years of experience are looking forward to working on your project.

Data Gathering

After the survey design comes the administration of the questionnaire to your target audience. At ZacRac, we boast of a robust panel of respondents spread across the 54 African countries, Europe, Asia and America, best of all is that they are from virtually all sectors and spheres of life. With our tailor-made approach and methodology, you can count on us to gather quality and accurate responses from your target audience and demographics.

Analysis and Results

We provide real time analysis of the gathered responses with industry standard software like SPSS, STATA and MS Excel. Results are presented in easy-to-understand formats using Bar Chat, Trend Analysis, and Pivot Tables. Our Report Writing and Presentation service provides you a complete package by thoroughly interpreting the results in textual format and staging a presentation of the same- as your need may be.

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As a team with over two decades of cumulative experience in this industry, you can count on us to deliver when it matters most for your organization. We are committed to helping you make accurate business decisions, strategic planning and foresight. Whether you require business intelligence, insight into a new market or consumer insights, we are your one-stop destination.

We understand the uniqueness of every project and thus we adopt different methodologies to achieving the set goals and objectives. As unique as projects could be, we have designed an approach aimed at ensuring simplicity and effectiveness right from the start of a project through to the conclusion. The approach is explained in detail with this video

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