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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Your employees are the backbone of your organization, companies that invest in their employees professional as well as personal development will gain a competitive advantage over their opposition and a more efficient, loyal and devoted workforce. Your employees are your most valuable assets, whether or not they value the organization they are employed by will have an impact on company performance. Health and safety, diversity, personal development, workplace conditions, remuneration, and work/life balance should be at the forefront of strategic management to ensure a motivated and happy workforce.

  • Annual:
    You should conduct an employee satisfaction survey at least once a year, but preferably biannually. Too many organizations view the survey process as a onetime event to gain information on employee satisfaction. Alternatively, it should be seen as a continuous metric producing ongoing change.
  • Accountability:
    All survey results are to be discussed with all levels of management and not just senior executives and the human resource department. Employee satisfaction is often tied in with management relationships. Failure to inform management of their results and how they compare with the overall results of the company can have a detrimental effect on organizational effectiveness. Without managers being aware of how they score individually, employee satisfaction is relegated to a human resources issue or an abstract company initiative when it should be an everyday metric for improvement.
  • Action:
    After a survey has been administered, individual results should be discussed with team members in an action planning meeting. The aim here is to involve employees in the transformation process by allowing them to put forward ideas on how to improve the workforce. Making employees feel as if their opinions and contributions are valued is the first step towards employee satisfaction. Rather than attempting to improve everything at once, companies should focus on one or two fundamental issues with each survey, hence the reason why organizations should conduct biannual surveys.
Here is how ZACRAC’s employee satisfaction surveys can assist in improving employee retention and performance.
  • Our survey questions are strategic: We don’t just ask your employees random questions. We conduct extensive research to ensure that our line of questioning is connected to the goals of your organization. For employees to succeed in their job, they must have a full understanding of their role within the company. The answers to our questions will provide you with the information that you need to move forward.
  • We will analyze your survey results: When it comes to your survey results you need an opinion that is objective, free from emotion and honest. Our trained professionals will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your results.
  • We make recommendations on your behalf: After we have analyzed your data, we will make recommendations that will assist in achieving your main objective. Our team will provide you with a detailed strategy that will propel your organization to the forefront.
An effective survey is the first step towards enhancing employee satisfaction and engagement. If you want to see results conduct a survey more than once a year, front line managers should be held accountable for improving their scores and include employees in action planning. The main aim of ZACRAC is to provide you with the information that you need to achieve your objectives. When you enter into a contract with us we guarantee to revolutionize your company, and eradicate the challenges that you face within your organization. Regardless of the extent of the challenge our clients can be confident of our unrivaled expertise acquired through our shared experience.

In the book “The Joy of Work, Jobs, Happiness and You” by Peter Warr and Guy Clapperton, they discuss extensive research that has demonstrated a significant link between job satisfaction and on the job performance. It is imperative that companies maintain effective leadership and create positive work environments that add to the well-being of their employees. Motivating employees is critical to the success of a business. A motivated workforce means high productivity which assists in achieving the priorities and objectives of a business service plan. When employees are happy, they don’t work for a pay cheque at the end of the month, they work because they love their job, understand the vision of the organization and are working to ensure that they play a part in the manifestation of that vision. A passionate employee is driven by satisfaction with the job and the company as a whole. A high turnover is indicative of an unsatisfied workforce. Organizations must focus on retaining employees for long term growth. When an employee leaves, they have to be replaced; the recruitment process is a drain on financial resources. If a company with a high turnover is to calculate the amount of money they spend on recruitment and training in one year, they would find that their profit margins are decreasing as opposed to increasing. If they were to invest the same amount of money on employee retention they would see an immediate increase in profit. Transforming an organization begins with the employees. You may have a stellar business plan, and dynamic leadership but execution takes place on the ground level. After you have articulated your vision to your employees, they should have the desire to carry it out, and that desire only comes through job satisfaction. The question is, how do you know if your employees are satisfied with their job? There is only one way to find out and that is to ask, and you do so by carrying out an employee satisfaction survey. Not everyone can administer this type of survey, for the best results, it is vital that the right types of questions are asked. The overall aim is to discover what your employees are not happy with so that you can change the structure of the organization so that it is conducive to success. In order for your survey to drive business results and effectively advance the needle of engagement it is imperative that you follow the following structure:

Authentic Survey Data Collection and Market Research Solutions

  • Definition of research objectives
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Questionnaire Programming
  • Field Work and data collection
  • Data Analytics

Beyond data collection, we turn data into information and information into insight.

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Transformation